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The Potential Offspring page is where you will get to see what we plan on producing for each year.

Potential 2006 offsprings
We hope have many boa mophs :sunglows, possible supersunglos, hypos, poss. superhypos, high contrast albinos, pastels and hypopastels, dbl. het sunglows.
Date: 16/6/2006
Pastel(Rif. n Pa01 )xSalmon (Rif. n m02hyp )offsprings !
The pastel female gave birth to 12 babys one week ago, 8 Salmon boas and 4 common boas. Already at birth, they were of a relatively big size and with big eyes !
Date: 14/9/2005
12 fantastic offsprings born 10/7/2005
Female Hypo(Rif. n f02hyp) gives born 12(4hypo/hogg) babys with the orange Hogg male(Rif. n m02hogg ). ALL!!!! the litter have very strange pattern, somes are striped, somes are like jungles and other have strange pattern. Their photos will be posted this week.
Date: 2/8/2005
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