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The Potential Offspring page is where you will get to see what we plan on producing for each year.

Jungle Het Albino
We are waiting two litters of Jungle het albino boa, one normal albino female bred with jungle male, the other with an high contrast albino female. Prices will be low because we are expecting lot of other litters with jungle gene.
Date: 2/5/2008
Jungles and salmonjungles available
This year we produce beautifull jungles and salmonjungles, but we have lot of work for our new big breeding room. We apologize to our website visitors for our old pages. For any questions of available reptiles, we 'll already reply quiqly.
Date: 7/9/2007
First litter of sunglow, mum dbl. het. orange tail, father albino high contrast het. stripe. Photos soon !
Date: 24/6/2006
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