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The Potential Offspring page is where you will get to see what we plan on producing for each year.

Date: 18/7/2014
Possible super sunglow orange tail male boa x "pebble" dbl. het sunglow
Female of the home page pics is gravid ( "pebble" born to Clay Valeri). She was bred with my first possible super sunglow, Jeff Gee line. Next month we are waiting an interesting surprise :-)
Date: 21/6/2009
SalmonStrungle boa (het sunset) x Erytristic and clean pattern female
We are expected babys from this beautifull colored parents, babys should born middle july... We also are courious about the "strungle" gene, if it is genetic abberancy or not. Of course many breeding would prove something !
Date: 21/6/2009
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