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Terms & Conditions
All purchased animals are guaranteed to be healthy, feeding and correctly sexed.
If you are not satisfied we will replace any animal for the cost of the return freight if notified within 48 hours of receipt. We can’t take responsibility for improper care subsequent to purchase
For this reason health guarantees are limited to within 48 hours of purchase. Payment is required in advance by check or money order.
A 25% non-refundable deposit is recommended to reserve animals in short supply. Purchases must be paid for in full before the animal is delivered to the purchaser.
Quantity discounts are occasionally available.
Shipping and handling
We are familiar with all export procedures and welcome overseas accounts.
International shipment is possible for orders above Euro 1500,00 to which the additional cost of Euro 300,00 is charged in order to cover overseas shipment as well as veterinary certificates, export documents and freight forwarding.
For European purchasers, animals may be delivered in any of the most important reptile expos hosted by Italy, Germany or the Netherlands.